Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy presented “Margam”, a school recital where all of the Sanskriti students had the opportunity to perform. Starting with simpler choreographies, students displayed increasing levels of experience in the art form as the items continued. As the show progressed, different formations and abhinaya were introduced. In the second half of the show, the Arangetram Students performed Abhinaya pieces, and the show finished with a power packed 3 minute performance by the senior students of the academy.

As always, our aim to improve with each year was satisfied, and without our dedicated students, this show would not have been possible. Sri Sanskriti looks forward to giving students many opportunities to learn and perform in the future.

Special Thanks to
Choreography and Direction- Prabha Raghavan
Photography- My Final Touch
Videography- Maruty Video
Master of Ceremonies- Arti Arun
Program Coordinator- Deepa Krishnan
Volunteer Coordinator- Ritu Varambally
Lights and Sound- Sridhar Venkatachalam, Nat Pennathur
Stage Decoration- Munmun and Diptendu Chaterjee

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the show a success. A special thank you goes to all of the class volunteers who took immense leadership and really made everything run flawlessly. Of course, the biggest thank you goes out to all of the students, who put in a lot of hard work and dedication into making Margam 2010 a grand success.