From the hills of Mizoram, to the deserts of Rajasthan; from the coconut trees of Kerala to Maharashtra’s harbour, Rangoli was a celebration of the colours of India. With authentic costumes and music, students of Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy under the direction and choreography of Prabha Raghavan performed lively folk dances from India’s states. The hard work and dedication put in by the students paid off, and the sold out event was a huge hit!

Special Thanks to:
Choreography and Direction- Prabha Raghavan
Master of ceremonies- Sowmya Kishore
Photograpy- Mansa Photography
Videography- Maruti Video
Program Coordinator- Asha Sathyanarayanan
Volunteer Coordinator- Deepa Krishnan
Lighting – Sridhar Venkatachalam
Sound- Pratap Revuru
Technicians and ushers- Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre
Video’s & Artwork- Srinithi and Sneha Raghavan

Thanks to all volunteers and students who made it possible