Founded by Prabha Raghavan, Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy, located in the Greater Toronto Area, is an artistic journey to preserve, promote and propagate the Indian Classical dance style, Bharata Natyam.

It is an institution to train students and allow them to express and explore their talents by imbibing the rich Indian values, traditions and its vibrant cultural heritage.

The vision of Sri Sanskriti is to showcase traditional arts through dance recitals, cultural events and support of world class artists. Sri Sanskriti strives to create community awareness and provide a platform to train young children with a passion that will bring about absolute dedication and commitment to take traditional arts to the highest levels of achievement.

For Prabha, moulding young talent, working closely with multicultural backgrounds that Canada boasts of, and guiding future aspirants towards their personal and professional goals, is a joy and sense of fulfillment in itself.

Sanskriti is her humble offering towards the enrichment and pursuit of this art.